Award-winning documentary: “Seeds Of Death” and Big Agriculture. Monsanto, Dupont, Sygenta

The leaders of Big Agriculture–Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta–are determined that world’s populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and … Continue reading

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SPECIAL SERIES: Hidden History – The secret Origins of the First World War

The history of the First World War is a deliberately concocted lie. Not the sacrifice, the heroism, the horrendous waste of life or the misery that followed. No, these were very real, but the truth of how it all began … Continue reading

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Community and the “I” Gene

As human beings, we inherit a trait we accept as a belief that is conditioned into us during our social development. Inevitably, it becomes our common reality. It is a system fashioned on the principles of compliance, reliance and oblivion. … Continue reading

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How Thailand Can Outlast Its Enemies

Thailand’s culture, people, and history is directly tied to that of its indigenous, ancient institutions. For centuries these institutions have guided Thai society, protected it from a turbulent world beyond its borders and at times when this turbulence finds its … Continue reading

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The Agricultural Holocaust explained: the 10 worst ways GMOs threaten humanity and our natural world

Why are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a serious threat to humanity and the environment? The reasons span the realms of science, social justice, economics and the environment…….   by Mike Adams   Natural News Network © 2014 published on Natural … Continue reading

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Jews Stage Massive Anti-War Protests In Tel Aviv, New York and Elsewhere

Opposing Israeli Policy Does Not Make One a “Self-Hating Jew”. A huge anti-war protest is being held tonight by Jews in Tel Aviv. Jews also protested the Gaza war in New York City yesterday. Anti-war protests have also been held … Continue reading

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SPECIAL SERIES: The secret origins of WW I – part 5 – The Secret Elite (3): Building The Network; Spreading The Word

Their plan involved the formation of powerful semi-secret groups to influence governments and newspaper proprietors in America and throughout the Empire. Once they had a blueprint and a body of supporters in all parts of the world, ‘the quiet conspiracy … Continue reading

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Economy revisited. Will Green be the Colour of Money or Life?

Today, economy has been reduced to the art of money making through the domination of a single indicator called “growth,” measured as a single number GDP or Gross Domestic Product, also referred to as Gross Domestic Problem, in the context … Continue reading

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Thousands turn up at demonstrations around Ireland for Gaza

Several thousand people have attended demonstrations in cities and towns around Ireland this afternoon in support of the people in Gaza. An estimated 3,000 people marched from the Spire in Dublin city centre to the Israel embassy in Ballsbridge.   … Continue reading

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Human Rights Court Condemns Poland for CIA Torture Black Site

The CIA global torture network is coming under much-needed revived scrutiny from the latest revelation that a secret prison existed in a Polish forest for the purpose of rendition and interrogation of suspected terrorists.   by Joe Wright   published … Continue reading

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We should not rest till the whole truth is known and the evil behind these two colossal catastrophes punished severely. We owe this to every soul who perished on those fateful flights. (This article is dedicated to the cherished memory … Continue reading

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SPECIAL SERIES: The secret origins of WW I – part 4 –The Secret Elite (2): Milner the Puppet-master

Alfred Milner stood above all others at the centre of this elite cabal. He was involved from the start and dedicated to the cause of elite Anglo-Saxon global rule. He maintained unquestioned authority among fellow members of the secret society, … Continue reading

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Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens

Big wins can happen in small places. The West Virginia State Supreme Court finalized a big blow to the biotech giant Monsanto this month, finishing a settlement causing Monsanto to pay $93 million to the tiny town of Nitro, West Virginia … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and the Ever Present Singularity

It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, and it’s so significant! I continue to experience and observe the most exponential increase in synchronistic events and communication I have ever witnessed and it continues to unfold daily.   by Zen Gardner   contributed by … Continue reading

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SPECIAL SERIES: The secret origins of WW I – part 3 – The Secret Elite (1): Who They Were

If you are sympathetic to the view that Germany was responsible for the war and that Britain and her allies fought for the noble cause of saving civilization from German tyranny, we invite you to consider the possibility that you … Continue reading

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Daily Protests at Ireland’s first Fracking site

From today onward there’ll be a DAILY protest at 7pm at the Tamboran ‘compound’ at the ‘back’ quarry – but drop-ins and visitors are also welcome all day long!! Come by, say hello, have a cuppa tea and chat the … Continue reading

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